Workshop – Agile Data Warehousing For Leadership

High-quality data is required in any organization that wishes to take a data-driven, or more accurately data-informed, approach to decision making. Most organizations find that they do not have such high-quality data – data that is accurate, consistent, timely, and accessible – and as a result have chosen to embark on the development of a data warehouse (DW)/data lake/data lakehouse/business intelligence (BI) solution. Having struggled with traditional strategies, they realize they need to instead adopt an agile data warehousing strategy to achieve the quality they desire. But how to go about doing so?

This one-day, interactive workshop overviews a proven and disciplined strategy for people leading, governing, or working with agile data warehousing teams. The morning comprises an interactive workshop where we walk through critical concepts that are a hybrid of agile, lean, and traditional ways of working (WoW) and ways of thinking (WoT). We work through the challenges that you face, why mainstream agile nor traditional strategies will work well for you, and what to do about it. The afternoon is tailored 100% to the unique needs of the people in the workshop. We identify the topics that you want to learn about, identify the most pressing ones, and the work through how to address them in your context.


What You Will Learn in Agile Data Warehousing for Leadership

    • Discover the challenges faced by teams taking an agile, or lean, approach to data warehousing
    • Learn why you need to look beyond mainstream agile methods such as Scrum to be successful.
    • Identify the critical roles required on agile data warehousing teams.
    • Explore why agile data warehousing teams often start with an agile project approach but evolve to a lean continuous delivery approach.
    • Learn why traditional funding strategies are insufficient for agile data warehousing and how to take a more effective approach.
    • Identify lean, risk-based strategies to govern agile data warehousing teams.
    • Understand the importance for stakeholders to be actively and regularly involved with the team.


    • Length: 1 day – 7 hours class time (exclusive of breaks)
    • Delivery strategy: On premises


This workshop is designed for people who:

    • Lead an agile DW team
    • Sponsor, support, or work with an agile DW team
    • Govern an agile DW team



    • An understanding of Agile and Lean concepts is very useful. We will review key concepts that are applicable to agile DW teams.  You may want to read the short book Choose Your WoW! 2/e that presents a hybrid way of working (WoW) and way of thinking (WoT) that is well-suited for agile data warehousing teams.


Detailed Outline of Agile Data Warehousing

Foundational Concepts (Morning)

      • Defining DW, business intelligence (BI), Agile, Lean, and Agile DW
      • Agile and lean ways of thinking (WoT) for DW
      • Explore common challenges faced by agile DW teams

How Agile Data Warehousing (DW) Teams Work (Morning)

      • Roles on Agile DW teams
      • Comparing project and continuous delivery approaches
      • The agile project lifecycle for data warehouses
      • The lean continuous delivery lifecycle for data warehouses

Leading Agile Data Warehousing (DW) Teams (Morning)

      • Revisiting the challenges with agile and DW
      • Funding the team
      • Working with the team
      • Governing the team

Tailoring a Strategy for Your Team (Afternoon)

      • The afternoon is completely tailored to your needs.  We begin with a brainstorming session to identify the topics that you want to explore.  We collaboratively group and then prioritize the topics so that we can focus on your most pressing needs. The overall goal is for students to identify viable strategies to take back to their organization.


Public Offerings of Agile Data Warehousing for Leaders

No public offerings are currently scheduled.


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