Evolving Your Project Management Office (PMO): From PMOs to Value Management Offices (VMOs) to Value Delivery Offices (VDOs)

Years ago, organizations created Project Management Offices (PMOs) to guide and lead their project teams through the challenges of the day. But the business environment has changed since then and PMOs are struggling to be relevant.  The rate of change is accelerating, complexities are increasing, and available resources decreasing. To address these challenges PMOs must evolve into Value Management Offices (VMOs) and better yet Value Delivery Offices (VDOs).

Where PMOs focus on governing and leading project teams, VMOs/VDOs govern and guide initiatives.  Similar on the surface, the shift from managing projects to delivering value requires new ways of thinking and working.  This presentation works through why your PMO must evolve, how a VMO/VDO is different, and how to safely get there.

Topics discussed:

    • Project Management Offices (PMOs)
    • The Seven Industry Trends Motivating Evolution
      • Enterprise Agility
      • Hybrid Agile
      • Context-Driven Ways of Working (WoW)
      • Projects to Products
      • Hybrid Organizations
      • Value Streams
      • Non-Invasive Lean Governance
    • Value Management Offices (VMOs)
    • Value Delivery Offices (VDOs)
    • Evolving Your PMO

What You Will Learn About Evolving Your Project Management Office

    • Recognize the factors that are driving PMOs to evolve into VMOs or VDOs
    • Understand why traditional PMO strategies are insufficient to address today’s challenges
    • Describe the aspects of a VMO/VDO and how they address those challenges

The Presentation

    • Presentation recording (Youtube, XX min) – TBD
    • Presentation slides (PDF, XX MB) – TBD

Audience For This Presentation

This presentation is oriented towards executives, PMO leaders, and project managers who want to discover a viable direction for their PMO.

Why You Want To Hear About Evolving Your Project Management Office From Me

I’m one of the co-creators of Project Management Institute (PMI)’s Disciplined Agile (DA) toolkit. I was a Vice President at PMI for 3 years where a large part of my job was to provide thought leadership around effective ways of working (WoW). This presentation provides a clear and forthright view of why and how PMOs need to evolve to remain relevant in today’s environment.

Presentation History

I’ve given versions of this presentation at conferences, for PMI chapters, and internally at organizations around the world since the summer of 2021. I have given this as both a conference keynote and as a regular presentation.

Scott Ambler is an international keynote speaker