Applying Disciplined Agile: Become a Purposeful Learning Organization

Agile and lean ways of thinking (WoT) and ways of working (WoW) are the norm in modern organizations, although adoption of them isn’t consistent nor as effective as they could be. PMI’s Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit is a comprehensive resource that you can leverage to improve at improvement. DA is both agnostic and hybrid, putting strategies from agile, lean, and traditional sources into context. True agility requires new WoT, a new mindset and culture, as well as new WoW. Discover the critical aspects of the DA tool kit that enable you to extend and improve upon agile methods such as Scrum and SAFe. DA is a straightforward aid to becoming a truly agile, learning organization.

This presentation works through the following topics:

      • Critical success factors for agile “agile transformations”
      • The threats and opportunities faced by your organization
      • What is Disciplined Agile (DA)?
      • How can you apply DA to improve at the team level?
      • How can you apply DA to improve at the organizational level?

What You Will Learn About Disciplined Agile

      • Discover how to apply the DA tool kit to do better than simply “fail fast”
      • Learn how to apply DA to improve your way of working (WoW)
      • Understand how to support diverse ways of thinking (WoT) within your organization

Audience For This Presentation

      • Agile practitioners who want to expand their agile knowledge beyond Scrum and SAFe
      • Agile coaches who want to learn a source of potential solutions to the challenges faced by agile teams
      • Leaders and managers who want to discover how to jump-start their organizational process improvement strategy

Why You Want to Hear About Disciplined Agile From Me

Along with Mark Lines I am co-creator of PMI’s Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit and co-author of Choose Your WoW! DA reflects our lessons learned helping organizations around the world to improve their WoW. I do not work with or for any organization that delivers training or services in DA, so I am not trying to sell you anything. What I am hoping to do is introduce you to a straightforward improvement strategy that quite frankly the purveyors of agile frameworks would really prefer you didn’t learn about.


Presentation History

I have given this presentation in various settings since 2022, and previous incarnations of it since 2010. This is one of several topics that I speak on, and you can find about more about What I Do if you’re interested in engaging with me.

Scott Ambler is an international keynote speaker