Agile Data Warehousing: Addressing the Hard Problems

The world moves at a rapid pace, and your organization must be able to respond to changing conditions.  Your data warehouse (DW) team is being asked to help end users answer new questions to gain new insights. These requests are coming in at an increasing pace and are increasingly complex.  Your team(s) need to adopt an agile data warehousing strategy, but are struggling to address common challenges when trying to do so.

In this session Scott Ambler addresses a series of difficult questions that DW practitioners need answers to if they are to learn how to work in a work in an agile manner

Addressing Common Challenges in Agile Data Warehousing

      • How can we proceed without modeling everything up front?
      • What can we do when our users can’t tell us what data they need?
      • How can we easily respond to changing requirements?
      • How do we implement “vertical slices” of value?
      • It takes weeks to analyze a legacy data source, how does that fit into a two-week sprint?
      • How can we address quality problems in the data sources that we work with, and usually aren’t responsible for?
      • Our end users want updates in hours or days, how do we do that in two-week sprints?
      • Is it realistic to evolve production data sources?
      • How can we deliver new changes quickly into production?
      • And more.

Organizations around the world have successfully adopted agile and lean ways of working (WoW) on the DW teams.  You can too.

Audience For This Presentation

      • Data professionals wanting to learn how to take an agile approach to data warehousing (DW)
      • Agile practitioners – including Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Architecture Owners – working with an agile DW team
      • Agile coaches who are supporting an agile data warehousing team
      • IT management who want to adopt DevOps within their organization

Why You Want to Hear About Agile Data Warehousing From Me

I have been working in the data space since the late 1980s, building DW/BI solutions before they were even called that. I’m the thought leader behind the Agile Data method and co-creator of PMI’s Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit. Most importantly, I’ve taught and coached teams to adopt a disciplined approach to agile data warehousing.

Presentation History

I have given this presentation in various settings since 2015. This is one of several topics that I speak on, and you can find about more about What I Do if you’re interested in engaging with me.

Scott Ambler is an international keynote speaker

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