Agile Data Warehousing: An Introduction

This presentation overviews a disciplined, hybrid approach to agile data warehousing.  This proven methodology is mostly agile, adopting great ideas from lean and traditional WoW to address the shortcomings of a pure agile approach. Data warehouse (DW) teams work differently than software development teams because they face fundamentally different challenges. As a result, methods that work well for agile software development prove insufficient for building and evolving DWs. Learn how agile DW works in practice, working through the full lifecycle from beginning to end and then back again.

A Disciplined Approach to Agile Data Warehousing

This presentation works through the following agenda:

      • Why we need a hybrid approach to agile data warehousing
      • The roles on an agile DW team
      • Initiating an agile DW project
      • An agile WoW for construction
      • Evolving to a lean WoW
      • Releasing quarterly, monthly, weekly, and perhaps even daily
      • Evolving from a project-based strategy to a long-term product strategy

Organizations around the world have successfully adopted agile and lean ways of working (WoW) on the DW teams.  You can too.

Audience For This Presentation

      • Data professionals wanting to learn how to take an agile approach to data warehousing (DW)
      • Agile practitioners – including Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Architecture Owners – working with an agile DW team
      • Agile coaches who are supporting an agile data warehousing team

Why You Want to Hear About Agile Data Warehousing From Me

I have been working in the data space since the late 1980s, building DW/BI solutions before they were even called that. I’m the thought leader behind the Agile Data method and co-creator of PMI’s Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit. Most importantly, I’ve taught and coached teams to adopt a disciplined hybrid approach to agile data warehousing.

Presentation History

I have given this presentation in various settings since 2008. This is one of several topics that I speak on, and you can find about more about What I Do if you’re interested in engaging with me.

Scott Ambler is an international keynote speaker

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