Articles and Papers Written by Scott Ambler

Great Ideas about Information Technology

I began writing in 1991, with my first article published in Computing Canada in 1991. I have also written over 25 books, starting with the first edition of The Object Primer in 1995. The good news is that most of my writings are available free of charge, as I have chosen to share a lot of the material that appears in books on the web as well.

I distinguish between two categories of writings: Writings posted on sites that I own and writings on sites that I don’t own.

Writings on Scott Ambler's Sites

I currently maintain several web sites where I maintain articles and blog postings:

Writings on Other Sites

I have writings on several sites around the web:
  1. Reports to the US Government. I was a contributor to two reports co-written by NAPA and PMI: Building an Agile Federal Government: A Call to Action (December 2020) and Agile Regulation: Gateway to the Future (June 2022).
  2. Agile architecture columns. I’m writing a series of articles about agile architecture for Architecture and Governance magazine.
  3. LinkedIn. I often post articles, usually summaries of more detailed blogs or articles that I have recently published on one of my sites, on LinkedIn.
  4. Disciplined Agile (DA). I wrote about PMI’s DA tool kit at several locations: the Disciplined Agile Applied blog, the Disciplined Agile blog, and the Disciplined Agile home page.
  5. Dr Dobb’s Journal. I was a Senior Contributing Editor with Dr. Dobb’s Journal. In the past I wrote for Software Development, but in June 2006 issue it was combined with Dr. Dobb’s.
  6. IBM. I used to write for IBM Developerworks which is now called IBM Community (I was an IBM employee from 2006 to 2012 although wrote for DevWorks for several years before joining IBM).
  7. Cutter. I occasionally write for Cutter Consortium