Maturing Usability: Quality in Software, Interaction, and Value

“Maturing Usability” provides an understanding of how current (2007) research and practice has contributed towards improving quality issues in software, interaction and value. I contributed a chapter describing how usability practices fit into agile software development. This book is divided into three parts:

    1. ‘Quality in Software’ looks at how using development tools can enhance the usability of a system. It also explores how methods and models can be integrated into the process to help develop effective user interfaces.
    2. ‘Quality in Interaction’ addresses theoretical frameworks on the nature of interactions; techniques and metrics for evaluation interaction quality; and the transfer of concepts and methods from research to practice.
    3. ‘Quality in Value’ assesses the impact that a system has in the real world.  This part focuses on increasing the value of usability practice for software development and on increasing value for users.

A balance between theoretical and empirical approaches is maintained throughout, and all those interested in exploring usability issues in human-computer interaction will find this a very useful book.

Published: October 2007

Status: Out of date

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