Contacting Scott Ambler

Here is how you can contact me:
  1. Email: scott [at]
  2. LinkedIn: Scott Ambler

Please contact me about:

  1. Questions about Agile Data or Agile Modeling. Please email me with your questions, I’d love to hear them.
  2. Public speaking engagments. I am available to speak at conferences and for user groups/chapters so please email me directly. If possible, please let me know what topic you’re interested in hearing about, the potential number of attendees, and your time frame. Thanks!
  3. Consulting engagements. Please email me directly. I’m potentially interested in remote consulting engagements around applying Agile Data techniques, Agile Modeling techniques (particularly around architecture), and executive coaching in agile transformations. I’m also available to speak at internal conferences on a range of topics.


Please DO NOT contact me about:

  1. Advertising on Ambysoft sites. I don’t accept outside advertising on any Ambysoft sites.
  2. Link swaps. I don’t do link swaps, nor do I link to articles being pushed by media/communications representatives.
  3. Disciplined Agile. Although I’m one of the co-creators of PMI’s Disciplined Agile (DA) toolkit I no longer work there. As a result it is not my place to discuss what PMI is doing with DA. Please contact PMI with relevant questions.