Scott Ambler

Consulting Methodologist, Agile Data Strategist, and Keynote Speaker

I share my experiences and my ideas about how to be successful at software development and enterprise data. I do this by describing both ways of working (WoW) and ways of thinking (WoT) for software and data practitioners. I also share my thoughts about the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and the societal implications of doing so. I do this via three strategies:

Why You Want To Work With Me

I have a very wide range of practical experience, particularly in the software space. I’m smart, honest, and love to help teams work through complex challenges. I’ve worked in a wide range of roles over the years, from programmer to architect to executive.I can help you.
Scott Ambler

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Books (Co-)Authored by Scott Ambler

I have (co-)written 30 books about software development or methodology, some of which have won industry awards.

Fun Stuff About Me

Here are a few personal tidbits about me that you may find interesting:
I have travelled to many interesting places.
I collect and restore 8-bit Atari computers and peripherals.

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