Agile ideas promote the concept of self-organizing teams which means that teams are encouraged to optimize their own processes through trial and error. However, it can take years for the teams to figure things out on their own and become self-aware enough to make the right process decisions. Without adequate coaching this can be a very expensive and time consuming process that can often result in projects failing as well as your organization not meeting it agile transformation goals. Our Disciplined Agilist coaches have seen hundreds of agile projects across many industries and can quickly assess your organization and teams’ context in order to apply a proven transformation pattern strategy.

Our coaching covers:

  • Executive mentoring for transitioning from traditional to agile governance practices
  • Team coaching for all delivery team members across disciplines including team leads, architects, and testers
  • Business coaching to transition stakeholders from traditional to agile product ownership practices
  • Coaching to incorporate agile and/or lean approaches based on each project context by applying the DA framework

You cannot afford to fail on your key first agile and lean initiatives. Let us help with success assurance and with dramatically increasing your pace of adoption.