Scott Ambler's Agilists will develop the technology solution that’s right for you and your organization. In our highly competitive, globalized economy, organizations and their leaders must consider both short and long term goals; how potential agile approaches will be implemented; and how these will affect their company’s bottom line.

The questions business leaders face today can be very complex:

  • Will creating and executing a new enterprise agile transformation give our organization a competitive advantage?
  • How should we invest our capital resources — in a particular technology change or in the implementation of a new agile process?
  • Which is the best approach to resolve critical business processes that clearly need overhauling?
  • Will the expense of a new technology help your organization connect with clients, add value to the customer experience, and ultimately develop the business?

Challenging questions like these cannot be resolved by taking a standard cookie cutter approaches. Nor can they be answered by technology alone. These types of approaches are typical attempts to reduce costs without any real appreciation of your business context. In contrast, Scott Ambler’s agilists focus on your actual business and potential opportunities arising from applying agile best practices to your business.

Our Enterprise Transformation Coaches can help you with:

  • Executive Training and Coaching. Agile and lean requires new ways of working, leading, and governing at the executive level. We coach, train, and mentor at all levels of an organization.
  • Transformation vision and roadmapping. Agile transformation is a unique journey for every organization, albeit one that can be planned for and guided by experienced hands.
  • Transformation & adoption backlog identification and prioritization. We lead organizations through a lean change strategy that is tailored to your needs and capacity to implement change.
  • Organizational design, HR modernization & peroformance management. Agile is about people and the way that they work together. Your job roles, responsibilities, and organization will need to evolve to reflect agile ways of working.
  • Agile governance and metrics. The way that management guides, monitors, and measures teams will also need to evolve to reflect agile ways of working. Luckily agile teams prove to be easier to govern and measure in practice.
  • Agile workspace design. The physical workspace that teams are provided have a huge impact on their productivity. We can help you to evolve your workspace(s) to enable more effective collaboration within and between agile teams.
  • Agile tooling selection and implementation. New ways of working often require that you adopt new tools, change the way that you use some existing tools, and abandon some of your existing tools.
  • "Coach the coach". We believe in helping organizations to become self-sufficient in their agile transformation efforts, so we focus on transferring our agile knowledge to your internal coaches.

A Custom Designed Agile Team Workspace

Execution of agile and lean at the team level will ultimately fail unless agility extends to the overall IT ecosystem. We can help you get there.

SA+A’s coaching was particularly invaluable to our team, providing highly personalized instruction for our new agilists. The program has been so well received that our business leaders personally requested their own Product Ownership training. DAD has been a perfect fit for the Panera cultural values of operational excellence.

Mike Nettles, VP IT Process and Architecture, Panera Bread