We Have a Long Way to Go Regarding Technical Debt


Disciplined Agile Teams Have Short Release Cadences


Most Agile Teams Have Two-Week Iterations

In the 2015 Q1 Agile State of the Art Survey we asked how long the sprint/iteration length was for agile teams.  For the team who were following an agile lifecycle the survey found that two thirds of teams had a two-week iteration length, and that over 90% have iteration lengths of three weeks or less.



Lean and Agile Software Development is More Successful than Waterfall.

Overall, on average Lean teams enjoy a higher success rate than Agile/Iterative teams which in turn fare better than Traditional/Ad-Hoc teams.

Modern Software Development Strategies are More Effective.

Overall, when it comes to delivering a quality product, stakeholder satisfaction, providing good return on investment (ROI), and delivering in a timely manner modern software development approaches work better than either traditional or no process at all.

There is no Common Definition of Software Development Success.

The problem with that definition of success is that it breaks what is referred to as the “iron triangle”.

People prefer agile over traditional success criteria.

When people define success criteria for software development projects, and when given the choice, they clearly lean towards agile philosophies.

Comparing software development paradigms.

A common question that we get from customers is how do the various software development paradigms compare? Here at SA+A we prefer to answer questions like this with industry data whenever possible.

Disciplined Agilists are Enterprise Aware

Enterprise awareness is an important aspect of self discipline because as a professional you should strive to do what’s right for your organization and not just what’s interesting for you.

What happens when people don't agree?

I was recently asked the question “What happens when the Product Owner and the Architecture Owner don’t agree?” and realized this is an issue for everyone on DA teams in general. Here’s my advice.

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