Disciplined Agile Delivery:

A Practitioner's Guide to Agile Software Delivery in the Enterprise

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In writing the book on DAD, Scott and I focused on a describing a pragmatic approach to being agile.  An alternative approach could have been to describe “how to do agile” planning, modeling, requirements, etc. which could have come off as dogmatic and prescriptive.  Or we could have shown all the agile practices described elsewhere, and said “you choose”.  Other methods that have tried to provide guidance to every possible situation have in the past proven to be overwhelming and difficult to adapt.


Instead, based on what really happens in enterprises that adopt agile we chose to describe different strategies to achieve your solution goals and where different, sometimes non-agile practices might make sense.  Sometimes there are situations that require us to use strategies that are not particularly agile.  How do we adapt to be as agile as we can to achieve our goals while dealing with enterprise realities such as compliance and vendor management?


We do have opinions about which strategy is most effective in certain situations and we realize that your approach might need to be different depending on your circumstances.  While we do suggest a path to maximizing your agility capability, DAD provides a flexible framework to adopt agile practices accordingly.  In this way we feel that our book is different than the other agile books out there that may paint an idealistic picture that is not realistic for your organization or project.  Context counts.


We hope that you find that this approach to covering DAD gives you practical, actionable guidance for adapting agile to your organization.


The book has now been translated into Chinese and Japanese.

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