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DA 210 – Disciplined Agile Data Warehousing (DW)/Business Intelligence (BI)

Organizations want to gain the benefits of agile – greater quality, improved stakeholder satisfaction, faster delivery, and higher productivity – on their Data Warehouse (DW)/Business Intelligence (BI) teams.  Very often people start with Scrum, but they quickly discover that to make Scrum work for Agile DW/BI it needs to be significantly extended to address the challenges of DW/BI teams.  These extensions include initial planning, initial requirements elicitation, initial architecture modeling, agile data modeling throughout construction, continuous database development, and streamlined deployment activities to name a few.  The Disciplined Agile Framework (DA) has already done this extension work to address the challenges faced by DW/BI teams.  Furthermore, because DA seamlessly supports both Scrum-based and continuous delivery strategies it is suitable for DW/BI teams new to agile as well as experienced teams looking to improve their approach.  This workshop teaches you the techniques required to make agile DW/BI teams successful.  An important aspect of this workshop is working through a DW/BI-specific case study.



• DW/BI Managers or practitioners: If Agile DW/BI is new to you and if you wish an effective launch of Agile DW/BI

• Agile DW/BI practitioners: If you want to take Agile DW/BI to the next level

• Senior Business & IT Management: If you want to understand how a disciplined approach to Agile DW/BI works in practice




• Introduction to agile concepts and the Disciplined Agile (DA) framework

• Fundamentals of DW/BI

• How to initiate a disciplined agile DW/BI team, with a focus on:

  •   Initial requirements modeling
  •   Initial architecture modeling
  •   Initial planning

• How disciplined agile DW/BI construction works, with a focus on agile database practices such as:

  •   Agile data modeling
  •   Database testing
  •   Continuous database integration
  •   Database refactoring

• How to transition your DW/BI solution into production in a streamlined manner




Length Two days: 14 hours of classroom time plus breaks

Approach: For each major topic in the agenda there will be instruction followed by hands-on group work. The workshop has an emphasis on learning through discussion and experiential exercises.

Pre-requisites: None


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