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This two-day workshop teaches participants how to maximize the effectiveness of business working with IT to fulfill the agile promise of early and frequent delivery of value to your customers and other stakeholders. The Disciplined Agile (DA) framework extends the Product Owner role as described in Scrum to focus on other factors critical to the success of sophisticated and large agile projects. This workshop helps Product Owners understand the breadth of their responsibilities and how to work with delivery team and other stakeholders in order to deliver successful product using the DA framework.  The workshop concludes with a simulation of an agile project to help reinforce lessons learned.



This non-technical workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to represent the business on agile projects in the role of Product Owner or other stakeholder



• An overview of Disciplined Agile

• Product Management vs. Projects

• Creating a Vision

• Release Planning

• Scope vs. Date-driven scenarios

• Building a Work Item List

• Requirements Envisioning

• Work Item Types

• Themes/Epics/Stories

• Technical and other work

• Estimating

• Managing Priorities

• Working with the Architecture Owner

• Managing Scope Change

• How an Iteration works

• The Iteration Planning meeting

• Grooming the Work Item List

• Look-ahead modeling

• Concluding an iteration & how to move foreword

• Demonstrating your solution

• Retrospectives

• Governance

• Scaling Product Ownership

• Product ownership on large teams

• Product ownership with outsourced teams

• Chief Product Owners

• Product Management

• Agile Project Simulation



Length Two days: 14 hours of classroom time plus breaks

Approach: For each major topic in the agenda there will be instruction followed by hands-on group work. The workshop has an emphasis on learning through discussion and experiential exercises.

Pre-requisites: None

This course counts for 14 hours towards Disciplined Agile Green Belt Certification

Tailoring: This workshop can be tailored to be delivered in 1 day if all attendees have attended either DA101 or DA104.


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