How do you govern  agile teams effectively? How do you fund, estimate, and expense agile projects?


Teams within your organization have been experimenting with agile techniques such as Scrum, continuous integration (CI), and agile testing and have shown promising results. But you have significant reservations about this new development strategy. How does modeling and documentation fit it? How do you ensure your organization’s long-term goals are still being addressed? How does this approach scale to large teams, to distributed teams, or to regulatory environments? How do you govern these agile teams effectively? In this workshop you learn how to go beyond Scrum to take a disciplined agile approach to solution delivery that provides a foundation from which to scale. To help cut through some of the agile rhetoric, industry statistics will be discussed throughout this workshop.



  • IT executives who want to learn about a disciplined approach to agile solution delivery and how to successfully adopt these practices
  • Senior managers or IT professionals wanting to increase their understanding of DAD
  • Executives who want to learn what to expect during an agile transformation and how they can help to ensure sustainable change



The agenda is tailored to meet your needs.  In the morning we begin with a brief overview of the fundamentals of Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD).  Depending on the agile experience of the attendees this may be followed by a hands-on simulation of a disciplined agile project in order to learn some of the fundamentals of the agile delivery process.  We then run through a brainstorming session as a group where workshop participants identify questions that they want to get answered about DAD.  Next we organize the questions into topics.  At that point we treat the topics as requirements for the workshop which we estimate, prioritize, and work through in an agile manner.  This approach enables us to tailor a workshop that addresses the attendees most pressing concerns.

Some questions that have been asked in previous workshops:

  • How do you initiate an agile project?
  • How do we transition to DAD and what should we expect from an adoption program?
  • How can executive leadership help to ensure tangible and sustainable benefits of moving to disciplined agile?
  • How do you fund agile projects?
  • How do you estimate when you don’t know the detailed requirements?
  • How do you organize large teams?
  • How do continuous integration and continuous deployment fit in?
  • How do project managers/business analysts/quality professionals/architects… fit in?



Level: Introductory

Length: One day – 7 hours of workshop time plus breaks.

Approach: For each major topic in the agenda there will be instruction followed by group work.

Prerequisites: None


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