Comparing Software Development Paradigms

January 24, 2014

Scott Ambler



A common question that we get from customers is how do the various software development paradigms compare? Here at SA+A we prefer to answer questions like this with industry data whenever possible.


Over the years I have run a series of IT surveys that explore this issue and many more. In November and December of 2013 I ran the IT Project Success Survey, the goal of which was to see how the software development paradigms compare. This page summarizes some of the results. A more detailed discussion can be found in my article in Dr. Dobb’s Journal entitled The Non-Existent Software Crisis: Debunking the Chaos Report. The source data, questions as they were asked, and a slide deck summarizing our analysis can be downloaded free of charge from 2013 IT Project Success Rates Survey Results.


This study helps to provide some answers to very important questions:

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